A Kansas DUI Can Happen to Anyone

At some point in life, even if only for a few moments, everyone has wondered what it would like to be famous. Maybe you imagined yourself as a beautiful actress or hunky actor, or maybe a musician or even a politician. Sometimes we think that one of the perks of being “rich and famous” is that you do not have to follow the same rules as those who are not rich and/or famous. Although stars may catch a few breaks, when it comes to DUI, even celebrities pay the price. Here are recent celebrities that made headlines when they were arrested for DUI:

  • Sarah Bruce: Sarah Bruce, the wife of Kansas Senator Terry Bruce was arrested in December of 2013 for suspicion of DUI with a breath alcohol concentration (BAC) of .159, well above the .08 Kansas limit. According to the arrest report, Mrs. Bruce failed to submit to a full DUI test. In accordance with a law enacted in 2012, which Senator Bruce voted in favor, that increased the penalties for a BAC over .15, Mrs. Bruce may have her driver’s license suspended for one year. The case is still pending.
  • Justin Bieber: In January, the then 19-year old pop star was arrested in Miami for DUI after failing a field sobriety test. Police also noted that Bieber had blood shot eyes and the odor of alcohol on his breath. According to police, Bieber also admitted to having consumed some amount of alcohol, smoked marijuana and had taken some prescription drugs. Bieber was initially pulled over after an officer noticed his yellow Lamborghini drag racing a red Ferrari in a residential neighborhood. Bieber has pleaded not guilty to the DUI charges and his case is set for trial in May.
  • Amanda Bynes: The twenty eight year old actress was arrested in 2012, after hitting a police car in West Hollywood, and charged with DUI. In February of this year Ms. Bynes pleaded “no contest” in a Los Angeles courtroom. The former Nickelodeon star was sentenced to three years probation and must attend a three month long alcohol education course.
  • Chris Pine: Chris Pine is an actor most well-known for his role in the Star Trek movies as Captain Kirk. The actor was arrested in New Zealand on suspicion of DUI after attending a party celebrating the end of filming of his new movie. In the early morning hours, Pine was stopped while going through a sobriety check point. When asked by police if he had been drinking that evening, Mr. Pine admitted to police that he had four cocktails. Police determined that Mr. Pine had a .11 blood alcohol content (BAC) which is above the legal limit in New Zealand of .08, which is the same limit as in the United States. Through his attorney, Pine admitted to the New Zealand court that he made a mistake choosing to drive the night he was arrested. Mr. Pine pled guilty to DUI charges and was fined $79 and had his New Zealand driver’s license suspended for 6 months.

The moral of these stories is that DUI can happen to you whether you are male or female, young or old, rich or poor, famous or virtually unknown. With this in mind, if you have been charged with DUI you need an experienced and knowledgeable Kansas DUI Attorney. To schedule your free and confidential consultation, call us today at (785) 843-9460 or visit us online. We can also make arrangements to visit you in jail. With over 35 years of experience, attorney Charles E. Whitman of the Whitman Law Offices, will thoroughly review your case with you to make sure that you understand of all of your legal options.


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