Lawrence Kansas DUI Attorney Offer Tips for Keeping Your Resolution to Not Drink & Drive

On December 31st, you likely made your list of New Year’s Resolutions and similar to many others, felt as if this was the year you would accomplish them all. However, by late January you noticed that many of your resolutions had fallen by the wayside while others never even got off the ground. If you think you are alone, think again. Most New Year’s resolutions are abandoned by February 1st.  But just because the majority of New Year’s resolutions never live to see March, it does not mean you should not make resolutions. Regardless, if it is December 31th, April 12th or August 3rd, any day is a good day to resolve not to drink and drive. To make sure that you are successful in not drinking and driving in the New Year, follow these tips:

  • Be committed: The reason many goals like vowing to eat healthier or work out more do not succeed is because people do not commit themselves to the goal. Sure everyone thinks they could shed a few pounds, but is it life threatening? Most likely the answer is “no”. Drinking and driving can have serious if not fatal consequences. To make sure that you stick with this resolution, take some time to think about how a DUI or drunk driving accident could affect you, your family, and your friends. Contemplate how this decision could impact your career, your finances and even your reputation.
  • Make a plan: In order to succeed with any resolution you need to do more than proclaim your goal and hope for the best. You need a plan. If your goal is to not drive while under the influence of alcohol, then you need a plan to make sure this does not occur. Before you attend a function where you will be drinking, make a plan. Perhaps the plan is to space out your drinks to no more than one per hour or to take public transportation home.
  • Share your resolution: One way to make sure you keep your resolution is to enlist the help of others. Tell your friends and family members about your resolution and ask them to help hold you accountable. Ask those you trust to approach you and take away your keys if you try to drive and drive. Who knows, your goal may encourage others to join you in your resolution.
  • Have a backup plan: Sometimes even the best plan can go awry. For example, you attend a party and your friend agrees to be the designated driver. Half way through the evening you notice that your friend is drinking. This should not be a problem if you have a back-up plan. For example, maybe you have another friend who could pick you up (another reason to share your resolution) or you could call a cab or walk home.
  • Learn from your mistakes and recommit: You awake one morning to realize that you should not have driven home the previous night. Take some time to think about what went wrong and why your plan and back-up plan failed. Strategize solutions so that it does not happen again. Do not abandon your resolution to not drink and drive—rather remind yourself of why this resolution is so important and recommit yourself.

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